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          RE:  multi vendor compatibility

          Established in 1979, Vemco® is the sole source and manufacturer of Vemco® acoustic telemetry equipment. As the world leader in acoustic telemetry products, we provide acoustic receivers for active and passive tracking, and miniature transmitters designed primarily for scientists studying fish migration and behaviour within marine and freshwater ecosystems.
          Vemco®公司成立于1979年,Vemco®公司是Vemco®品牌的聲學遙測設備和系統的唯一生產制造商。作為世界上最為領先聲學遙測設備包括微型聲學發射器和聲學接收機,Vemco®的產品可以運用于各類海洋和淡水動物生態系統的研究。我們的聲學設備可以對水生動物進行主動和被動跟蹤, 從而幫助科學家對于水生動物的行為進行研究, 比如魚類洄游。

          Vemco® has continuously invested research and development effort in order to develop and perfect a world class proprietary acoustic telemetry system that consists of Vemco® transmitters and Vemco® receivers working together. Our coded transmitters and monitoring receivers use Vemco® proprietary coding techniques that provide unique tag IDs to allow the interoperability of Vemco® receiver arrays worldwide.

          Vemco® is aware of a number of other manufacturers who claim to have receivers and/or transmitters that are compatible with Vemco® equipment.  These manufacturers would have you believe that the Vemco® acoustic telemetry system is an open standard. It is not. The coding system and technology used by Vemco®, was invented by Vemco® and is the proprietary intellectual property of Vemco®. These manufacturers have not worked with Vemco® and do not have full or complete knowledge of the Vemco® technology. Their products are not compatible with Vemco® products. Furthermore, Vemco® cannot comment on the performance of their equipment nor can Vemco® be assured that they will not interfere with the correct operation of Vemco® equipment.
          我們獲悉一些公司聲稱自己制造的接收器和/或發射器可以和Vemco®系統兼容。這些公司聲稱Vemco®聲學遙測系統是開放的系統。但事實并非如此。Vemco®使用的編碼系統和技術是我們研發和獨有的知識產權。 我們在此聲明,Vemco®公司從未和這些公司有合作, 這些公司并沒有對我們的技術有深切與完整的了解。我們再次強調, 其他廠家的產品不能兼容Vemco®產品。 我們不會評價其他廠家的產品性能, 也不能保證其他廠家的產品不會影響或干擾Vemco®系統的正常工作。

          Integral to the Vemco® system is a proprietary code database containing unique tag IDs that enable scientists to identify individual animals. To protect the integrity of Vemco® customers’ research data, Vemco® carefully manages this database to prevent the possibility of putting duplicate tag IDs in the water and to also ensure that tag parameters are chosen so as to not interfere with neighboring studies. Duplicate IDs and poorly chosen tag parameters could seriously compromise research data thereby jeopardizing study results.

          In response to growing worldwide acoustic telemetry studies Vemco® recently developed a coding technology that is more robust, with stronger encryption and provides for vastly more unique IDs. Referred to as Global tags, these are being sold worldwide and can only be detected and decoded by Vemco® equipment. This new advanced technology will also guarantee truly unique IDs and further protect the integrity of our customers’ research.
          面對全球不斷增長的聲學遙測研究需求,我們推出了更強大、更具保密性的編碼技術,可以提供更多的唯一編碼。簡稱全球標記,這些標記已全球發行, 只有Vemco®的設備可以對這些標記進行檢測和解碼。這一新技術將保證我們用戶研究項目數據的可靠性。

          In addition all support services that Vemco® offers, including; study advice, data analysis, 2D/3D Vemco® Positioning System (VPS) data analysis, false detection analysis, determining foreign ID tag ownership etc., can only be provided to users with datasets generated using the complete Vemco® acoustic telemetry system as we are unable to validate nor analyze detection files from other manufacturers’ receivers or transmitters.
          我們再次聲明,Vemco®提供所有的技術服務,包括項目咨詢、數據分析、2D/3D Vemco®定位系統(VPS)數據分析、虛假檢測分析、確定標簽歸屬等,都只提供給整套使用Vemco®聲學遙測系統的用戶。我們無法分析來自其他接收器或發射器的數據。

          Vemco® is committed to delivering the highest level of customer service and the most advanced acoustic telemetry equipment through our investment in ongoing research and development. If you have any questions regarding our products, please do not hesitate to contact us or one of our agents.

          電話:86 21-6995 3520 (上海) 郵箱:support@mai-vision.com 總經理郵箱:gerry@mai-vision.com
          辦公地址:中國上海市普陀區金沙江路1628弄5號樓【Building #5, 1628 Lane, Jinshajiang Road, Shanghai, China】
          版權所有(C) 2007- 2020圖索科技(上海)有限公司 M.A.I. Vision (Shanghai)Co., Ltd. 保留所有權利。 滬ICP備17053761號 【法律聲明】
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