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          AMIRIX (加拿大Vemco公司)全資收購美國HTI公司

          AMIRIX to acquire Hydroacoustic Technology, Inc.

          AMIRIX (加拿大Vemco公司)全資收購美國HTI公司

          November 9, 2016 – Seattle, WA. AMIRIX Systems, Inc (AMIRIX) of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and Hydroacoustic Technology, Inc (HTI) of Seattle WA are pleased to announce that they have entered into an agreement for AMIRIX to acquire HTI. HTI will operate as a new business unit under the name HTI-Vemco USA, Inc. alongside the VEMCO business unit of AMIRIX to create a comprehensive provider of acoustic products, tools and services for aquatic animal monitoring.

          2016年11月9日,AMIRIX系統公司(Vemco)【地處加拿大新斯科舍省哈利法克斯】和美國水聲學科技公司(HTI)【地處美國西雅圖】在此高興的宣布AMIRIX全資收購美國HTI公司。HTI公司將以新名字HTI-Vemco USA公司繼續在西雅圖運行,為水生動物遙測客戶提供全方位的魚類聲學遙測產品、工具和服務。

          “This is an important move into the future for aquatic research,” says Tracey Steig, General Manager of HTI. “As one, we will be positioned to further advance aquatic technology and expand with the growing needs of our customers.”

          HTI公司總經理Tracey Steig說:“這對于未來的水生動物遙測研究是非常重要的一步,作為一個新團隊,我們將定位于發展更先進的水生動物遙測技術,并不斷拓展并滿足客戶日益增長的科研需求。“

          “As industry leaders in our respective and closely related market spaces, Vemco and HTI are a natural fit,” explains Mark Jollymore, President and CEO of AMIRIX. “We are excited about the possibilities and opportunities that combining these two world-class organizations creates. We look forward to further advancing and expanding our products and services into the future.”

          AMIRIX 公司總裁和CEO Mark Jollymore說:“Vemco和HTI可謂是天作之合,在這個緊密相關的市場,我們各自都發揮著舉足輕重的領導作用。兩個世界級公司的合并對未來帶來了無限可能性和機遇,對此我們非常興奮。我們期待著未來進一步推進和擴大我們的產品和服務。“

          HTI and Vemco will continue to operate as separate business units under AMIRIX. HTI and Vemco will collaborate to develop the next generation of products and services for fish research.


          聲明:圖索科技(上海)有限公司是Vemco公司和HTI-Vemco USA公司在中國的獨家代理商。

          電話:86 21-6995 3520 (上海) 郵箱:support@mai-vision.com 總經理郵箱:gerry@mai-vision.com
          辦公地址:中國上海市普陀區金沙江路1628弄5號樓【Building #5, 1628 Lane, Jinshajiang Road, Shanghai, China】
          版權所有(C) 2007- 2020圖索科技(上海)有限公司 M.A.I. Vision (Shanghai)Co., Ltd. 保留所有權利。 滬ICP備17053761號 【法律聲明】
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